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Market information

Market information

Manufacture goods market 7 km is situated on the seventh kilometer of the road Odessa-Ovidiopol and obtained its name from this fact. The convenient road junction, in fact on a crossroad of a circular road and Ovidiopol Road, has provided market development in 90-ties and is still an unspeakable competitive advantage.

Ltd “Manufacture goods market “, the company that owns territory and trade objects of the market 7km, is created in  December 1989 and has been working successfully for more than 26 years.

Market “Seventh kilometer” obtains the territory of about 70 hectare and continues to grow.

There are more than 15 thousand trade and stock objects operate at the territory of the market – containers, shops, pavilions, trade tables, warehouses and food courts.  

On the market a trade is performed on various goods, such as children toys, closes and footwear, household appliance.

The market has equipped parking spaces for more than 8 000 cars, buses, and trucks.

There is a police station, firefighter station with fire truck, medical first aid service. Urgent medical help, including all necessary medications, is provided for free for all visitors of the market.

Bank’s offices of Privatbank and currency exchanges work on the territory of the market.

In cause of its enormous size 7 km market is separated on several trade yards, each of them has its own specializations, though most of the goods are present on the whole territory of the market.

Markets’ entrances and exits are equipped with checkpoints were a payment for entrance is performed. Usage of toilets is free of charge at the market. There are a lot of cafes at the market and prices are very affordable.









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